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Kristen Nilsen

Our attorney, Kristen, has more than 10 years of experience in U.S. immigration law. She has worked in private practice, at non-profit organizations, and at U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services as an adjudicator. Her background gives her unique insights into the immigration process and a deeper understanding of all types of immigration cases. She is dedicated to protecting the rights of immigrants and their U.S. citizen families.

Oakland Immigration Attorney

Immigration Topics

K1 Visa / Fiancé Visa / Fiancé Petition

The K1 Visa / Fiancé Visa is a temporary nonimmigrant visa that allows a foreign national engaged to a U.S. citizen to enter the United States on the condition that …

Adjustment of Status

What is Adjustment of Status? Adjustment of status (AOS) is when an individual who lawfully entered the U.S. with a temporary visa (such as a student visa, tourist visa, etc.) …

Consular Processing

What is Consular Processing? There are two paths for obtaining a green card (the immigrant visa granting lawful permanent residency status in the U.S.) One is adjustment of status, where …